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ZerO2Nature System Members

Gertjan Berndt Beekman

Chairman of the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee. Gertjan is a Civil Engineer, specialized in Hydrology (IHE Delft, Netherlands) and Social Change and Resettlement Related to Water Resources Planning (KTH-Sweden).

Marco Aurelio da Silva Ramos

Vice-Chairman of the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee. Marco Aurelio has a Master´s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Post-Graduate diplomas in Economics, IT, Mathematics and Business Economics.

Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

CEO and Member of the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee. Patrizia has a PhD in Chemistry, degrees in both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and a University Extension in Quantum Mechanics. Articles | Linked-in

Manohar Baharani

Technical Director and Member of the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee. Manohar has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Enviromental Law and a degree in Electrical Engineering. He also works as a consultant for the United Nations (UNFCCC) and the World Bank.

Frederik Fichmann

Member of the IGEA Environmental Assessment Team. Frederik has a degree in Physics, works as an ISO 9000/14000 consultant and is a professor at the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Strategic Partners

Planck E

Planck E is the engineering and consulting firm responsible for the development and implementation of the first ZerO2Nature projects in Brazil. For further info, please go to


IGEA - International Guild of Environmental Assessors is the first Designated Environmental Certifier approved by ZerO2Nature for carrying out Validation and Verification assessments of project activities. Visit their website.


Bliss is an integrated communication firm established in New York and according to advanced talks, is the most likely candidate to coordinate the ZerO2Nature Blockchain ICO campaign. Visit their website.


The Pontarolo family has one of the last remaining native Amazonian forests in the state of Maranhão, northern Brazil and harbor the first two ZerO2Nature projects. Check out their project.