ZerO2Nature - DeToX the Planet

According to the dictionary, evolution means the gradual development of an idea and, in the case of DTUcoins (DTX), this definition couldn´t be more appropriate.

In 1992, the world yearned for the need of a treaty that could minimize human action related to global warming. In 1997, this treaty was signed by 196 countries and in 2005, ratified by 195. The goal of the Kyoto Protocol was an average decrease of 5.2% (Annex-1 countries) related to the greenhouse gas emissions relative to 1990 and would occur between 2008 and 2012. The penalty for non-compliance would be a fine of € 100.00 per ton of additional CO2e.  To put it briefly, it has always been widely understood that a second period of the Treaty would be essential to the achievement of measures that could contribute to global cooling.  During excruciating five years -between January 2008 and December 2012- the search for parameters that could define this second period carried with it the mirror of the holy-grail.  Alas, to no avail.

A wonderfully developed framework, a perfect structure and beautifully crafted flexibility mechanisms, presently agonizes on its deathbed.  Carbon credits originated from the Clean Development Mechanism, which reached the milestone of € 26.80 per unit, is currently priced at a few eurocents. Who’s to blame?  Politics, egos, scientists, scandals? In any case, given this bleak picture, is it still possible to find a path that pleases both the scientific community and the market?

The answer is yes. The answer is evolution.

The ZerO2Nature® DTUcoin (DTX) evolves from the carbon credit. The DTX includes greenhouse gas reductions and goes beyond!  Through the establishment of the Environmental Impact Potential-EIP, DTX reward actions that reverse or simply neutralize pollution.
ZerO2Nature® DTX are linked to water, biodiversity, minerals, hydrocarbons and greenhouse gases. They come from the optimization of production cycles where the assessment of environmental impact follows an integrated and contextual design, allowing -for example- an oil refinery to receive the 02N 100% - ZerO2Nature® Purple Seal.  An industry can become zero to nature but so can a city, a hospital, a farm and even a person.

Human beings are the only animals in Nature that produce garbage. Let us hope that the constant reminder of this fact will stimulate our minds towards finding solutions that protect the fragile balance in Nature, which basically allows us our life.