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Diseconomy Traded Unit

The generation of a DTU - Diseconomy Traded Unit is characterized by the application of a rigorous Standard, together with its tools, guidelines, procedures and methodologies.  DTUs are the result of activities that go beyond the baseline in terms of nature preservation and pollution reduction. The entire process is strictly scientific and ensures effective measurements and calculations.

Diseconomy Traded Units (DTUs) are of the following types: M-DTU (originating from PREMIN projects, that preserve ore reserves), B-DTU (originating from PREBIO projects, that preserve biodiversity), F-DTU (originating from PREFOR projects, that preserve forests), C-DTU (originating from PRECARB projects, that preserves hydrocarbon reserves), H-DTU (originating from PREHYDRO projects, that preserves water reserves) and N-DTU (originating from PRONER projects, that reduce negative emissions).

The DTUcoin (DTX) is a complimentary currency based on the reference values for the different types of DTUs.

The following DTU-types have their reference values established as follows:

F-DTU: €10,00
B-DTU: €15,00
M-DTU: €100,00
H-DTU: €50,00

Until the mark of 5 million units, DTUcoins (DTX) are backed by the value of gold and bitcoin, according to the following formula:

pAU = Euro price AM of one ounce of gold at the London Bullion Market;
pBC = Euro price of 1 Bitcoin;
Sf = Scaling factor for F-DTU;
DTU$ = Euro price for DTUcoin (DTX);

                 50%(pAU) + 50%(pBC)
DTU$ =    ____________________

where Sf = 62,53208