ZerO2Nature - DeToX the Planet

The generation of new DTUcoins starts with the detection of a project activity that will remove or mitigate a significant amount of negative human emissions (diseconomies) from nature.

All technical and financial feasibility issues are considered during the inventory phase. This is normally carried out by a recognized consultant or by the project proponent. Once all parameters have been carefully assessed and the project has been considered additional and viable, the next phase is the making of a Project Design Document (PDD). ZerO2Nature offers an online platform to create a PDD according to the ZerO2Nature Standard, Methodologies, Tools and Procedures.

Once the PDD is successfully completed, it is sent to a ZerO2Nature Designated Enviromental Certifier (DEC) for Validation. Upon positive evaluation, the project is sent for Registration by the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee.

After a period of time (normally one year), the project undergoes Verification (onsite and offsite assessment) by a DEC and if all conforms with the PDD, the project is sent for Certification by the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee.

Upon Certification, the DTUs are issued and sent to the Project Developer´s Account, where they are converted into DTUcoins (DTX) according to the appropriate conversion rate.

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Project Cycle

Project Design Tutorial

Learn how to design your ZerO2Nature project on our platform and generate DTUcoins (DTX)

Design Platform

Login to the ZerO2Nature Project Design Platform and start reducing diseconomies


The ZerO2Nature Standard is the ultimate rulebook for the generation of DTUs


There are a number of approved methodolgies to choose from to design your project. New methodologies can also be submitted for evaluation.


Choose from a number of tools that aid in the calculations of your project design.


Procedures establish further rules with respect to specific situations that are not covered by the Standard.