ZerO2Nature - DTX the Planet

ZerO2Nature is a virtuous system aimed at reducing human emissions and preserving nature.

Our Focus

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DTU Generation

Make use of the ZerO2Nature project design platform and develop diseconomy reduction projects. Through the application of the O2N Standard you can effectively mitigate and/or remove negative environmental impact related to air, soil, water, biodiversity and depletion of natural resources, thereby generating 6 different types of DTUs.

Generate DTUs here:

Project Development Center

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Emissions Offset

By offsetting negative emissions (DTUs) related to a productive cycle, companies have the possibility to be awarded Certificates of Retirement from ZerO2Nature. CORs are the primary building blocks of the ZerO2Nature DTUcoin (DTX).

Neutralization is no longer a cost, it's a revenue!

Offset your company emissions

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DTUcoin (DTX)

Buy, sell and accept DTUcoin (DTX). The ZerO2Nature DTUcoin (DTX) is the first complementary currency based on the reduction of diseconomies. DTUcoins (DTX) are the result of diseconomy removal projects awarded with DTUs that are retired by productive cycles. See Whitepaper.

The DTUcoin (DTX) is the beginning of the Epiconomy

Learn more about DTUcoin (DTX)

Clean the Planet

You can clean the planet by generating DTUcoin (DTX) as a ZerO2Nature Promoter, a Project Developer or an Offset Agent.

Read the ZerO2Nature Blockchain - Whitepaper


O2N Cycle

The ZerO2Nature Virtuous Cycle

From the development of a project and the resulting generation of a DTU to the offsetting of emissions caused by a productive cycle ending in a DTUcoin (DTX). Follow the ZerO2Nature cycle and see how you can participate.


First ZerO2Nature Project

The first 456,743 DTUs have been generated by a forest and biodiversity preservation project in Brazil. Learn more about the project here.

Covid 19

Transform COVID19 into DTUs

As humanity faces one of its greatest challenges of all times, learn how ZerO2Nature is proposing a game-changing solution.

About Us

ZerO2Nature provides a mechanism that monetizes diseconomies, creating eco-currency or DTUcoin (DTX).  Our system oversees the creation of DTUs (Diseconomy Traded Units), through a thorough certification process measured against a high-level standard (that ensures the preservation of forests, water, life, minerals and hydrocarbon reserves and optimizes anthropic productive cycles) and distributes them across a virtous blockchain mechanism resulting in a complementary currency called DTUcoin (DTX). For further info, please read the ZerO2Nature Blockchain Whitepaper

We do this for project proponents, communities, industrial and financial market participants, retailers and consumers so that may gain through value creation, positive communication and an effective contribution towards a cleaner global environment.

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