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The ZerO2Nature DTU Retirement Process

Offsetting negative emissions no longer has to signify extra costs for a company. On the contrary, by neutralizing the emissions of a product cycle through ZerO2Nature, your company can generate an extra source of revenue.

Upon submitting a validated Life-cycle Analysis (Cradle to Cradle) report with a specific volume of negative emissions to be neutralized, ZerO2Nature will verify and issue a Certificate of Retirement (COR), according to its rules and regulations.

Please view our Environmental Impact Potential calculator, to see which elements and under what type of scnenario your productive cycle can be offset.

For example:
Company Z attests, through an emissions auditing report, that is has emitted 10.000 tons equivalent of 1-4 dichlorobenzene, related to one of its pharmaceutical operations. Projecting a favourable market value for the DTUcoin (DTX), Company Z purchases 10.000 B-DTUs from a ZerO2Nature certified project. Upon submitting the validated emissions report to the Technical Committee of ZerO2Nature, Company Z requests the offset of 10.000 tons equivalent of 1-4 dichlorobenzene through the retirement of 10.000 B-DTUs. The ZerO2Nature TC will perform its due diligence and if all is according to the rules and regulations, award Company Z with a Certificate of Retirement in the amount of 10.000 B-DTUs. Thereupon, the Certificate of Retirement will be forwarded to the ZerO2Nature Financial Markets Committee who will apply the DTU/DTX equivalency factors and approve the minting of DTUcoin (DTX) on the blockchain. In this case, 10.000 B-DTUs will amount to 15.000 DTX.

Please contact ZerO2Nature for further detail about the emissions neutralization process and DTX minting our visit our Offset Agent landing page.

ZerO2Nature Offset Procedure