DTUcoin (DTX)


A DTUcoin (DTX) is a complementary currency issued by ZerO2Nature that is based on the mitigation/removal of measured negative human impact from nature. DTUcoin (DTX) can be traded or used as a green (eco) currency for payment at ZerO2Nature approved merchants. Moreover, a DTUcoin (DTX) is a multi-faceted instrument for businesses that require a strong communication tool that effectively promotes adopted social/environmental actions.

The underlying cleaning mechanism of the DTX starts with a DTU. DTU stands for Diseconomy Traded Unit and it is classified and generated according to 6 types of ZerO2Nature certified projects: M-DTU (originating from PREMIN projects), B-DTU (originating from PREBIO projects), F-DTU (originating from PREFOR projects), C-DTU (originating from PRECARB projects), H-DTU (originating from PREHYDRO projects) and N-DTU (originating from PRONER projects). Once a DTU is retired by, for example a polluting industry, the process of DTX creating begins.

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Conserves the environment

DTUcoin (DTX) is generated through the retirement of certified diseconomy mitigation projects.


Transportable, divisible, serialized and exchangeable

Functions as an acceptable and secure means of exchange and payment.


Balanced supply.

Total DTX supply is balanced according to the DTU/DTX equivalency directives.


Positive communication

Functions as an effective marketing tool, closely linked to the benefits and targets of the green economy.

Merchants accept DTUcoin

  • Whatever the economic outlook, consumers care about green products.
  • The most popular green behavious are also budget friendly.
  • Awareness and choice -not price- are the most powerful levers for increasing sales of green products.
  • Green products compare favorably with conventional products.

Industry retires DTUcoin

  • The four Ps of green advantage employ a holistic approach across the value chain.
  • Most consumers think it is important or very important for companies to be green.
  • Consumer's willingness to pay a green premium depends on a product's category and perceived benefits.
  • Many companies are going green across the full value chain. Retiring DTU shows strong committment to offsetting environmental impact.


Through the application of the ZerO2Nature standard and use of the project design platform, proponents are able to create DTU, essential to the minting of new DTX.

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