ZerO2Nature - DeToX the Planet

What is a DTUcoin (DTX)?

by Hinrik Caspar Bensik


The problem

Humans have been using more and more natural resources such as water, oil, forest and minerals and this has led to the reduction of biodiversity, the pollution of our rivers and the very air we breathe, among other things.  So far, we have left to our governments and to a legion of good Samaritans the task of resolving the environmental impacts caused by us. And the current solutions are ineffective in the face of the size of the problem that is increasing.

The reaction 

But life goes on and we have to move the economy, fuel our homes and live a good life. Each one tries to do its part, sometimes recycling, sometimes contributing with a fund for the preservation of endangered animals, planting trees, buying supposedly green products, etc. There are so many eco-friendly initiatives for multiple environmental problems and at the end of the day it seems that none of them have had any effect. In this way, in addition to suffering from guilt and frustration, we can´t tell whether the product we use is actually greener than the other or whether our own environmental footprint has increased or decreased. We end up completely disinterested and with the urge to throw a tin can in the organic waste bin!

The solution

The ZerO2Nature system has uncovered a way to unify all sorts of man-made environmental impacts and has been able to create a common measuring unit for expressing our footprint on the planet, thus reducing the problem to only one battlefront.

In our economy, everything we produce creates a human environmental impact. This impact is also known as a diseconomy. Through a model that takes into account all types of human environmental impact, ZerO2Nature has been able to calculate the diseconomy cost of any productive process. Thus, we can apprehend that the diseconomy of a pair of jeans is much higher than the diseconomy of a kilo of glyphosate, a pesticide essential for agriculture. And why is this discovery so cool? Because we have now reached a unified path, which allows us to achieve multiple concomitant results. Whenever we reduce diseconomies, we are essentially preserving forests, rivers, biodiversity, our mineral and oil reserves, and improving the technology of our production processes. And we have a lot of work to do, because the global GDP of the diseconomy or (Global Environmental Impact) is over $ 50 trillion a year!

Anyway, now our task has become much simpler, because we have only one objective with respect to our environmental impact on the earth: to reduce the diseconomy. And the most important of this process is that every time we reduce a diseconomy, we are also increasing our economy, generating more wealth!

So let's get the answer to our initial question. What is a DTUcoin (DTX)? Through ZerO2Nature, people, companies and even governments can start a project to reduce diseconomies. These projects undergo a process of validation, registration, verification and certification to ensure that the achieved reductions of diseconomies are true. At the end of each project cycle, Diseconomy Traded Units (DTUs) are issued, in the amount compatible with their contribution. Because of the variety of projects types, DTUs are classified according to projects that preserve the forest (F-DTU), water resources (H-DTU), biodiversity (B-DTU), ores (M-DTU), and oil / hydrocarbons (C-DTU). N-DTUs can be generated through improvements in human productive cycles. And finally, each type of DTU has a conversion factor so that it turns into a DTUcoin (DTX).

DTUcoin (DTX) has come to address the major problem of man-made impact on nature. DTUcoin (DTX) is a coin like Bitcoin, but it generates wealth through a system that cleans the planet, because it is linked to projects that remove diseconomies. In addition to acting as a medium of exchange, it has a great communications appeal, since a business that accepts DTUcoin (DTX) is reiterating its commitment to the environment. Companies can also use DTUcoin (DTX) to compensate for the diseconomies they have not been able to reduce in their production. To put it simply, the DTUcoin (DTX) is the game changer of our times!