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Right now, humanity faces one of its greatest challenges fighting COVID19.   Studies point to devastating economic scenarios in a post-COVID19 planet. ZerO2Nature aims to bring a new perspective, where through the treatment of COVID19 as a negative emission, market value can be attributed to the processes and initiatives that aim to remove it.  With a change in perspective, the current and unprecedented crisis can become an opportunity for us to build an Epiconomy.

At the present moment, we have the following methodology, tool and procedure in peer review stage to address COVID19 as a diseconomy:

  • “Methodology for Developing ZERO2NATURE Project Activities to Remove Negative Emissions Related to COVID19, through the Implementation of Hospital Equipment – COVID19-ZERO2NATURE-PREBIO”;
  • “Tool for Identification of Baseline Scenario and Demonstration of Additionality in Project Activities COVID19-ZERO2NATURE-PREBIO”;
  • “Procedure for Substantiating COVID19 Project Activities as COVID19-ZERO2NATURE-PREBIO”.

Considering the breadth of areas for implementing project activities related to mitigating the diseconomies caused by COVID19, ZerO2Nature strongly encourages and welcomes the presentation of new methodologies. To submit a methodology to the ZerO2Nature Standard, please send us an e-mail to for instructions.

Some methodology suggestions to be proposed:

  • Related to mobile ICUs;
  • Related to social isolation;
  • Related to investments in delivery systems;
  • Related to vaccine research;
  • Related to the modification of the industrial process for the manufacture of articles used to fight COVID19.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions for treating COVID19 as diseconomy. ZerO2Nature is always open to new proposals that may allow the advancement of Epiconomy.